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Return to life

Our goal is to help you return to ​life. Through our multiple ​modalities. We offer our clients IV ​Therapy, Red Laser Therapy, ​Hydrogen gas Inhalation, Pulsed ​Electromagnetic Field Mat, as well ​as Infrared Sauna. Each modality is ​significant in helping your body but ​when combined can make a ​significant impact on your health ​and wellbeing.

Cocoa Beach Florida


Red Laser Therapy

Med grade 4 Aspen Tri wave

Red laser

Reduces Pain and inflammation - assists the ​body to heal itself in less time.

Starts at $75

I.V. bag

Hydration and supplements

IV Therapy

Provides rapid and efficient delivery of essential ​nutrients and hydration, leading to quicker ​recovery and improved overall wellness.

Starts at $65

Picture of Woman Having Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation

Hydrogen gas inhalation

Axxiom H2

neutralize harmful free radicals, reduce ​oxidative stress, and lower inflammation. This ​contributes to improved cellular health, and ​enhanced energy.

Starts at $30

Starts at $30


Targeting back pain

Detox your body

Infared Sauna

By promoting deep sweating, infrared saunas help ​expel toxins from the body, improve circulation, ​enhance skin health, relieve muscle and joint pain, ​and provide relaxation and stress relief.

Starts at $20/30” or $100/mo.

Micro current healing


Avazzia microcurrent treatment is pain relief. ​This therapy uses low-level electrical currents to ​stimulate the body's natural healing processes, ​reduce inflammation, and improve circulation, .

Starts at $75

Quantum resonance system


QRS PEMF mat enhances cellular ​regeneration and promotes healing. By ​improving cellular function, boosting ​circulation, reducing pain and inflammation.

Starts at $35

IV Therapy

Hydration & supplements

Divine Rise

IV Drip Vitamin Fruit Saline Bag

Your choice between Vitamin C or Vitamin B 12

Vitamin C-also known as ascorbic acid, provides numerous ​health benefits: Antioxidant protection, immune support, ​collagen synthesis, wound healing, iron, absorption, skin ​health, and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin B12- also known as cobalamin, offers several health ​benefits: -energy production, red blood cell formation, ​cognitive function DNA synthesis, Nerve function, mood, ​regulation, and heart health.

"Boost your vitality with IV hydration! Experience the power of ​Vitamin C or B12 directly to your system for instant energy, ​immunity, and rejuvenation. 💧✨ #WellnessRevolution ​#IVTherapy #HealthBoost"





Divine Shine

IV Drip Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Vitamin B complex & Multi mineral

The main benefit of Vitamin B Complex IV therapy is enhanced energy ​levels and improved overall metabolic function. This therapy delivers a ​combination of B vitamins directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the ​digestive system for rapid absorption, which can lead to increased energy, ​reduced fatigue, better mood, and improved cognitive function.

The main benefit of Multi Mineral IV therapy is comprehensive ​replenishment of essential minerals, leading to improved overall health ​and well-being. This therapy helps correct mineral deficiencies, supports ​immune function, enhances energy levels, and promotes optimal ​functioning of various bodily systems, including the nervous and muscular ​systems.





Divine Boost


Vitamin B complex, Multi mineral, Amino Acid, &Vitamin C

Vitamin B Complex IV therapy is enhanced energy levels and improved overall ​metabolic function. This therapy delivers a combination of B vitamins directly ​into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for rapid absorption, which ​can lead to increased energy, reduced fatigue, better mood, and improved ​cognitive function.

Multi Mineral IV therapy is comprehensive replenishment of essential ​minerals, leading to improved overall health and well-being. This therapy ​helps correct mineral deficiencies, supports immune function, enhances ​energy levels, and promotes optimal functioning of various bodily systems, ​including the nervous and muscular systems.

Amino Acid IV therapy is the rapid delivery of essential amino acids ​directly into the bloodstream, which supports muscle growth, repair, and ​maintenance. This therapy enhances physical performance, speeds up ​recovery, and promotes overall cellular health by ensuring the body receives ​the necessary building blocks for protein synthesis and metabolic processes.

Vitamin C IV therapy is its powerful antioxidant effect, which boosts the ​immune system and enhances overall health. By delivering high doses of Vitamin ​C directly into the bloodstream, this therapy can help reduce inflammation, ​improve skin health, and speed up recovery from illness or strenuous activity.







NAD $250 over 2hours

$500 over 4 hours

Red Laser Therapy


Single session 1 session. $75.00

Acute conditions 6 sessions $360.00

Chronic conditions 10 sessions $500.00

Red laser

heart shape bowl with fresh fruit
Sick Patient With Nasal Cannula. Ill Woman

Single session 1 session. $75.00

Core treatment 1-2 hour session $200.00

3 month Treatment sessions x1/week $1500.00


Food sensitivity testing

Identify reactive foods; by identifying

and temporarily avoiding reactive foods.

The process of inflammation is disrupted

while simultaneously healing the gut.

Hydrogen Gas Inhalation

50 Panels.……..$274.00

77 Panels…..….$344.00

90 Panels………$399.00

30” for $30.00

Add to other ​treatment for $25.00

buy package of 4 and ​get 10% discount

Power your cells with Axxiom H2


Molecular Hydrogen neutralizes harmful free ​radicals, decreases cellular inflammation and ​promoting whole body wellness.

24” for $35.00

add to another ​treatment for $25.00

PEMF Therapy

A PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) mat can be ​beneficial because it promotes overall wellness by ​enhancing cellular function and improving blood ​circulation. This can help reduce pain, inflammation, ​and stress, and improve sleep quality and energy levels. ​These benefits make PEMF mats a useful tool for ​maintaining health and speeding up recovery.

Promos and Offers

Maintenance and restoration of human immune system with vitamin IV infusion therapy. Beautiful woman with her boyfriend in modern wellness center during intravenous vitamin therapy.

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IV Drip Vitamin Infuser Therapy Solution

Book 4 IV sessions,

Get 1 IV 50% off

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IV Drip Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Add H2 and PEMF to your IV

Get $15.00 off

In the Press

My Lower Back Pain

“My Pain in my lower back was at an 8 ​out of 10 and after treatment it was only ​1! MADE A BELIEVER out of Me! “

April B.

Back pain, kidney inflammation, woman suffering from backache at home
Knee trauma and joint pain-Sports injuries

My Arthritic Knee

“Truth be told I was skeptical that the laser ​would have any effect on my knee, however ​with the initial exposure to the laser I could ​feel something immediately as it passed over ​my knee. After 2 treatments my knee pain ​was taken from a 6 out of 10 to a 1! Even ​when I did squats. I am pleasantly surprised ​with the effectiveness and results of the ​Aspen Laser. 10 out of 10 I would ​reccomend!! “. Emily G.

”After not sleeping for 3 ​days, I was desperate for ​pain relief and I received it! ​Along with a good nights ​sleep. I recommend Divine ​Light 10 out of 10!

Tom Q.

Men use their hands to hold their elbows and He had pain at the elbows.. Painful Health and medical concepts

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