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We use the photon energy of a high-powered Medical grade IV therapeutic Aspen laser with

3 red and near-infrared light wavelengths to penetrate the body and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. The effect of the laser is focused on the mitochondria, or the “powerhouse

of the cell”, to boost cellular energy production.

Featuring our Tri-Wave Apex Aspen Laser

• Increases circulation and reduces inflammation, to help repair damaged tissue and remove waste.

• Help reduce pain short and long-term for arthritis, and tendonitis

• Recovery for healing wounds

• Recovery from acute muscle injury.

NASA originated technologies.


Returning you back to Life through natural, Red Light Laser Therapy.

A space for you to heal

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Cutting edge innovation in pain relief

Increased Cognitive Clarity

"Human neck pain

Pain Relief

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Discover your Restoration

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Empowering our clients

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Restore micro vascular circulation

and increase in general circulation

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Increased Circulation

Begin your path to recovery with Red light Laser

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Man suffering with knee pain


My Arthritic Knee

“Truth be told I was skeptical that the laser would have any effect on my knee, however with the initial exposure to the laser I could feel something immediately as it passed over my knee. After 2 treatments my knee pain was taken from a 6 out of 10 to a 1! Even when I did squats. I am pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness and results of the Aspen Laser. 10 out of 10 I would reccomend!! “. Emily G.

woman have a back pain
Men use their hands to hold their elbows and He had pain at the elbows.. Painful Health and medical concepts.Black and white picture


My Lower Back Pain

“My Pain in my lower back was at an 8 out of 10 and after treatment it was only 1! MADE A BELIEVER out of Me! “

April B.


Severe Pain from Gout

”After not sleeping for 3 days, I was desperate for pain relief and I received it! Along with a good nights sleep. I recommend Divine Light 10 out of 10!

Tom Q.

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Commonly benefited conditions include tendonitis/bursitis, myofascial syndromes, muscle and ligament sprains, strains and spasm, skin trauma and inflammations, scars and contractures and joint swelling and pain including Osteoarthritis.

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Spa Treatments

Skincare packages, massages, and herb baths

Wellness Therapies

Discount next door for Relaxing Botanical Teas

Fitness Programs

Beyond Blissed

60 or 90 minute massage

Relaxation - perfect massage $70 $90

Long, fluid strokes, induces a state of relaxation, increases circulation, boosts immune system and helps improve sleep.

Athletic - Stretch it out $75 $95

This massage is perfect for althletes, loosening tight muscles

and relieving stress.


Deep tissue/ therapeutic- $80 $105

Similar to relaxation but with more intense pressure focusing on deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia. Concentrating on releasing Chronic muscle tension and knots.

Spa Essential Items

Beyond Blissed add on’s

$7 Aroma Therapy- The aromatherapy massage is a custom treatment that combines a Healing Power of organic essential oils to stimulate the body on a certain level, tired muscles and bring a total balance, essence of harmony and wellness to your mental and physical and emotional state.

Hot Stone Therapy